Peace and Conflict… is geared toward revealing the importance of horizontal economic inequality on inter-group relations. Yet economic  inequality is very hard to mitigate; hopefully, we have other ways to alleviate the condition of disa​dvantaged minorities, by assisting their political, social, and cultural empowerment and integration. My currently ongoing research project studies the political institutions that best serve intra-state communal peace. Formal institutions are often and relatively easily changed – at least as compared to the task of economically emancipating poorer minorities – yet  we have no solid and uncontroversial knowledge about which institutions are more beneficial for domestic peace. The abstract of a paper presented in April 2014 at the Midwestern Political Science Association’s annual convention summarizes the conundrum (“Ultimate Complexity..“). That presentation relied on a country-level dataset, but I have been working on a group-level dataset, as well. A later paper, published in 2016, addresses specific issues of the legal and institutional context pertinent to majority-minority relations.